adventures in (neon!) diy macrame bracelets

I’ve got a collection of awesome DIY projects pinned on Pinterest. I’ve been so excited to try some of the crafty activities, but it’s so hard to choose where to start. Then my inspiration arrived in the mail. I’m a little bit obsessed with twine and recently ordered a beautiful neon set.

Once the twine arrived, I knew I had to select a fun project that could make use of it. After some browsing (ok, an hour of browsing) on my To Do board, I settled on the DIY Macrame Bracelet from Erica’s awesome post. Erica’s instructions for these bracelets are perfect and easy to follow so I’ll definitely be checking out her other posts.

For the connector piece, I used a silver hoop from a necklace I never wear. The best part? I now have at least a dozen more of these rings I can use to make more bracelets. The twine I used is a bit thicker than was probably ideal for this project, but it still came out fluorescent and fabulous. I’m going to use regular baker’s twine for my next bracelet. Hooray!

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