homemade pizza = happy tummies

Zach and I had homemade pizzas as part for our anniversary. Best anniversary meal ever! The pizzas were shaped funny but who cares when they taste good?


The pies cooked on a pizza stone (a wedding gift) in our oven. Zach made the dough in our Kitchen Aid mixer (also a wedding gift) using a Tyler Florence recipe I found. We decided to split the dough into six personal-size pizzas so we could experiment. Hooray for leftovers!

My first pizza had a “sauce” Zach made with olive oil and garlic. He topped it with onion, shrimp and sliced mushrooms. No cheese! The flavors were yumazing. I had the same toppings on a pizza with marinara the next day. It reheated beautifully. The flavors soaked into the crust. Zach’s first pizza was topped with salami, pepperoni, onions and mozzarella. He brushed the olive oil and garlic sauce on the crust.

The house still smells like pizza, which is kind of awesome. What are your favorite pizza toppings?

2 thoughts on “homemade pizza = happy tummies

  1. Yum for the olive oil and garlic in place of tomato paste! I like any pizza with onions on it. Onion, shrimp and mushrooms would be delicious, I’m sure. Good anniversary dinner!

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