my summer of epic naps

I have a lot of hobbies, but one of my favorite is napping. Yes, napping can be a hobby. I’ve been taking naps almost every day since the end of May, and it has been glorious. It’s easy to make excuses for skipping sleep. Too many of us are guilty of not giving our bodies adequate down time.

Studies show adequate sleep improves productivity, mood and heart health. (Let’s all lobby our employers to create mandatory nap time!) If you don’t think you have time to take naps, consider Michael Hyatt’s five reasons you should make time. And if you Google around, you can find plenty of tips for how to take naps.

One of the keys to getting a great nap, is having a few important tools in your napping space.

1. A good oscillating fan can make all the difference in a summer nap. Even with the air conditioner running, it’s nice to have the breeze and white noise of a fan.

2. I never knew what a difference an ergonomic pillow could make until I bought one about a year ago. These pillows are perfect for side or back sleep.

3. Target’s Room Essentials Down Alternative Comforter is seriously like sleeping in a cloud. It’s available in regular down as well. These comforters maintain their puffiness and the fabric stays soft through years of washing.

4. Trust me on this one: A good back scratcher on your bedside table is a nap saver. Pier 1 imports makes a great bamboo version for $1.

Happy napping!

5 thoughts on “my summer of epic naps

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