a puppy called Alaska (aka Jake)

Two years ago (almost to the day) we adopted a tiny 5-lb. puppy named Alaska. We quickly decided his name should be Jake instead. We had searched several shelters when we came across a litter of Lab-Retriever (and who knows what else) puppies at an SPCA of Texas shelter in Dallas.

Our intention had been to adopt an older dog. Not old, necessarily, but old enough to already be trained and fully grown. Then we saw this runt called Alaska. The other pups in his litter were bigger. They shoved him out of the way at the food bowl. If he managed to get a toy, a sibling would yank it away. No matter what happened, Alaska just went on about his business, happily wagging his tail. We liked his positive attitude.

We returned the next day to bring Alaska (now Jake) to his forever home. This is Jake’s story …

From the moment we got in the car with him, Jake was beaming. Yes, puppies can smile. Jake seemed super excited to come home with us.

Photos by Rori Harrington

Jake started out tiny, but that wouldn’t last for long. He was a laid back puppy who wore out quickly. That wouldn’t last long either.

He loved playing in his new big yard with Zach. In the beginning, the grass was even taller than the puppy.

We enrolled Jake in puppy training at PetSmart. He was quickly (and appropriately) dubbed class clown. There were days we weren’t sure he would pass his final exam. But he is a quick learner and passed with flying colors on testing day.

Jake loves car rides and adventures. His favorite adventure is a trip to the dog park, but he enjoys a good hike too.

He is happy to “help” with chores.

Jake prefers cooler temps. He loves playing in the snow (when we get any).

And Jake still enjoys hanging out in the yard with Zach.

Jake is now fully grown at 60 lbs. We are so glad we found him and brought him home.

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