clearing out the clutter

I have a rule about bringing new (non-food/non-cleaning) items into my home. For every one thing I take in, two things have to be donated, recycled or tossed. It helps tamp down my inner clutterbug.  I’m not sure where I got this rule, but it definitely works to keep things in perspective. I’m much more hesitant to buy something on impulse when I know I have to get rid of at least two things in exchange.

I don’t have an exact count on how many books I got rid of today, but I definitely got rid of more than two for each one that I kept. And I brought in six new articles of clothing this week, but managed to shed more than 30. Hooray for clearing out clutter!

The cleaning fairy (aka mom) came over today to help me clean out a bookshelf and finish cleaning out my closet. My doc says I’m not allowed to do too much, so the cleaning fairy did all the real work.

I didn’t get before shots, but let me just tell you the bookshelf was a disaster. It was not just packed, but literally overflowing. Stacks were piled beyond the shelves onto a big storage tub in front of the shelf. Not a good look.

Now it’s all cleaned out and lovely.

The wall beside the built-in was blank and boring. As we pared down the piles, we came across a stack of frames and decorative items from places Zach and I have visited. Luckily, the cleaning fairy brought her hammer and nails so we were able to hang hand-painted plates and a tile from Italy, Holland and Portugal. She also put up a framed wedding invitation. (Zach and I celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary in less than a week!)

All the books rounded up from the shelf are bound for Half Price Books. There is one huge tub and two Whole Foods bags filled with novels, biographies, unused art journals and a few photo albums. It’s a big haul and I’m very thankful Zach will be able to take it in for me. It looks pretty heavy.

Completing the closet clean out was a much quicker endeavor. I sent three Whole Foods bags with my mom to be dropped off at Goodwill. And now there’s so much more space in my closet. It was a good day of getting things organized and getting rid of clutter.

2 thoughts on “clearing out the clutter

  1. The cleaning fairy loves the blog! I didn’t realize we were representing three countries with the wall decor but that makes it even more fun. I’m looking forward to our next project!

  2. that’s an excellent rule! something I’ve been doing is looking carefully at clothes left in my closet when I do laundry — if there’s something there that hasn’t been worn in the last month or so, I’ll try it on and determine if they can be donated.

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