10 eco-friendly Etsy shops you’re going to love

It’s easy being green, especially when you browse all the lovely green shops on Etsy. In this roundup, I’m featuring 10 shops that specialize in eco-friendly items for mom, dad, baby and home.

Butter Design Lab – pillows, linens and more made from rescued materials

MamaMade – eco-friendly goods for home and family

La Alicia – décor, purses, jewelry and more made from magically folded reclaimed materials

Regal Cottage – quality goodies for children made from vintage, organic and Eco-felt fabrics stuffed with 100 percent recycled post-consumer plastic bottles

ReGeared – clocks, keychains and more made from reclaimed wood and recycled bike parts

Imagination Kids – handmade, eco-friendly wooden toys

Rikrak – handmade and eco-friendly stockings

LEFTright – organic bags, baby clothes and more

Urchin bags – seat belt bags, wallets, iPad cases and more

Gray Works – cutting boards, stools, tables and more using locally and sustainable harvested or salvaged hardwoods

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