celebrate snail mail

You love it when you get a real letter in the mail. Right? When is the last time you sent a hand-written letter? There’s a growing movement to get people writing and sending letters via snail mail again. I’ve put together three websites you should check out to fuel your writing fire.

Not thrilled about paying for postage? Consider starting out with a postcard. Postage for a standard postcard is 32 cents via USPS first-class mail. You could send a dozen postcards for the price of the latte you bought this morning.

The Missive Maven

1. The Missive Maven celebrates snail mail. The posts feature designs, stationery, pens and lots of helpful links for those looking to start sending and receiving snail mail that’s actually worth getting excited about. The woman behind the blog also has an Etsy shop filled with letter-writing tools and materials.

2. Check out Lettrs for inspiration. The mission of Lettrs is to connect the world by bringing back letters and empowering people to make time for writing. Drew Bartkiewicz and his family launched their project a few years ago after realizing “the world was losing the importance of letters as an important communication medium – and losing letters as a way to document and elevate the human condition.”

3. The Rumpus has started letters in the mail. (Yes, snail mail!) U.S. subscribers will pay $5 a month to get letters from the writers including Dave Eggers, Nick Flynn, Emily Gould and several others. How it works: The Rumpus collects letters from the writers and makes copies. Copies are mailed to subscribers “almost every week.” That translates to 3 to 4 letters each month.

3 thoughts on “celebrate snail mail

  1. How right you are! When I get mail, I toss it on the table unless I have a card or letter from someone. I open it right then. I love to make cards and mail them in hand made envelopes that match the cards because I know that makes it special.

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