3 simple steps for magical ice

For those of you who loved the magical water post, I bring you … magical ice. These cubes are a delicious way to spike your water with some extra flavor. Or add it to your iced tea for a little something special. It’s also healthy and quite pretty. And anything that helps us stay hydrated in this crazy summer heat is welcome, right?

Step 1: Rinse the fruit of your choice. I used blueberries because that’s what we had on hand. I bet some diced peaches, raspberries or strawberries would be amazing too. Perhaps a blend of several fruits?

Step 2: Fill an ice cube tray about halfway. Toss fruit in and fill the rest of the way. Already looks delicious, doesn’t it? Place the tray in the freezer and wait.

Step 3. Grab a glass and pull out your magical ice. Add it to your water for a delicious, simple and beautiful treat. Enjoy!

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