make your own twine

Twine is one of my favorite craft staples. It’s so versatile and adds so much to projects and décor. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to buy as much as I would like.

Thanks to a post on Laura Beth’s beautiful blog, A Step in the Journey, I now know a great trick for DIY baker’s twine. I made a couple tweaks based on items I already had at home. It was quick, easy and super fun.

What I used: 100% crochet cotton, size 10 and 100% cotton worsted 4-ply yarn; Sharpie permanent markers; a yardstick; Scotch tape.

Just tape one end of your twine or yarn to a ruler and wrap the string around the ruler. Tape or hold the other end and select your ink. Use one color or several. I went with pink and orange for my first project. Use Laura Beth’s instructions to get your twine on.

The yarn is much fatter than twine, of course, but I love the pops of color it can bring to a wrapped gift. The crochet cotton is a bit narrower than your average twine, and it soaks up the Sharpie ink perfectly. You can color-coordinate your twine with a bouquet of flowers. Just wrap the twine around the neck of a vase several times and tie a bow. Beautiful!


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