sweet comic valentine … and rainbows!

It’s been a while since I curated a treasury just for dudes. How did that happen? I swear time is speeding up. I blinked and January was gone. So last night, while wrapped in a fuzzy blanket on the couch, I started work on this collection: Sweet Comic Valentine.

I use several methods for finding awesomeness to feature in my treasuries. In this case, it was pretty easy to find the items. I used search terms “for him,” “man,” and “men” to find most of these. It’s always interesting to see what will appear when you only put in a word or two and let Etsy surprise you.

My favorite treasuries are usually ones with all sorts of items, so I usually make ones that are much the same. Although, I do love a color-themed treasury. I was happy to find my Hooray for Rainbows set featured in Stacey‘s collection today. So many beautiful finds! Check out some of the fun in her “Rainbow Kinda Day” treasury…

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