beautiful outside and in

One of the five part-time jobs (yes, five) I had in college was gift wrapping at the mall. Employees were tested on their gift wrapping abilities during the interview. I aced that one thanks to my mother and grandmother teaching me the importance of wrapping before I had even lost all my baby teeth. It wasn’t until I was in college and listening to friends whine about not knowing how to wrap presents that I realized this is actually a skill.

There is something extra special about mail that arrives carefully and beautifully packaged. Etsy sellers are particularly skilled in the art of packaging. Indie artists put extra love into all aspects of their products and it shows.

When preparing my notebooks for shipping, I typically wrap the order in “rescued” tissue paper. (Whenever I get something wrapped with tissue paper, I fold it gently and save it for future orders.) It’s a fun way to recycle and save a little money. I tie a bow around the wrapped notebooks using twine from The Cupcake Social or The Twinery.

It’s really fun for me to select which twine and which tissue I’ll use – especially when I have colored or patterned tissue to choose from. This method also helps keep in place the business cards and coupon cards sent with each notebook. I love a cute sticker too, so customers will often see stickers from one of my current favorite collections. Lately, the stickers have been from The Fox and The Teacup.

I recently purchased a couple necklaces from Amy Stewart’s Junghwa. I have ordered from Amy before, so I knew the items would arrive in her lovely packaging. As you can see, Amy’s jewelry is always beautifully presented. And it means a lot to me, as a customer, to know she is taking the time to make each item such fun to unwrap.

One thought on “beautiful outside and in

  1. Thank you for the blog feature! I’m so happy that you like my jewelry and appreciate the packaging. I do put a lot of time an effort into it so its always nice when people can see that. I change it up all the time too, so stays fresh. Have a great day! -Amy

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