12 treasuries of 2012

Curating an Etsy treasury is a creative and often inspiring exercise. I enjoy the challenge of the process. It’s like a scavenger hunt in the world’s coolest market.

But the real fun is in seeing how other curators incorporate my items into their treasuries. Here, in no particular order, are my shop’s first 12 features of 2012:

  1. New Year Favourites by Fab D’Antuono
  2. My Retro Home by TheFrostedPetticoat
  3. peace by PianoBenchDesigns
  4. Twenty Twelve by Chelsea
  5. the cure for anything by Timor Cohen
  6. Happy Holidays by aynikki
  7. So Very French by romantichomeschic
  8. Magic in the air by Chelsea
  9. Makes Me Feel Cozy by Natalie
  10. Mum always said it helps to wear bright colors on a gloomy day … she was right! by MandyBesek
  11. Home is Whenever I’m With You by Nancy F
  12. Natural sepia by Timor Cohen

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